Presentize: Presentation Delivery Made Simple

Leverage the power of the cloud to make Presentation events pain-free!

Great presentations are important parts of many great events, but they often bring technical challenges for both presenters and event organizers. Will all of the presenters’ laptops connect to the projectors? Will all of the presentation files load correctly? Will there be issues with embedded videos and fonts?

Presentize is a cloud-based solution that transforms any display into a robust presentation platform. The system is simple to use and allows you to focus on what’s really important at any event: exchanging powerful ideas and creating memorable visual connections.

Presentize, a Cloud-Based Solution

Collect all Presentations in One Place

Easy Scheduling

Seamless Event Presentations

No more dealing with bloated email-attachments, drop-box links, or thumb drives. Presentize provides a dedicated Cloud space for the Event Presentations to be uploaded. Only the Organizer has permission to see all the Event Presentations. Each Presenter has access to only his/her own materials.

Dealing with last-minute Presenters that need reminders and a gentle push? This is no longer an issue with Presentize. From your Event console, you can send emails specifically to those who have not yet uploaded their Presentations and let them know the deadline is fast approaching!

Event Organizers

Presentize allows you to create new events, invite presenters and set presentation-upload deadlines all in under a minute! You’ll have immediate access to every presentation as soon as it’s uploaded, but presenters will only have access to their own materials.


Organizers no longer have to spend hours creating a Master Presentation that includes all Event slides and videos. No more fiddling with cables to connect the Presenters’ computers to the projector; All wait times between Presenters are eliminated since only one computer is needed for the event. Organizers can easily establish the order of Presenters the day of the event by dragging and dropping the Presenters’ thumbnails in the Event console.

The Presentize system revolutionizes presentation delivery. All presentations are stored in the cloud and displayed consistently on any computer with a web browser and Internet connection. You can make changes up until the deadline set by the event organizer, and the final versions of your slides will then be waiting for you when you arrive at the event. Presentize also makes it simple to build presentations with other people across different locations.


Last-Minute Presentation Updates

Easy Video Embedding

How many times have Presenters worked so diligently to format their slides and make them look visually compelling to then see their Presentation , unfortunately, delivered differently at the Event? Presenters are now able to preview their slides after upload and ensure that they look exactly as they should. We support Ppt, Pptx, Word, Keynote, and pdf documents along with thousand of fonts!

WYSIWYG Presentation Previews

Did you just realize you wanted to add or modify a slide? Presenters can upload and revise their Presentation up until the deadline set by the Organizer. They can do this independently without having to email the Organizer or asking him/her to do any extra work.

Embedding videos into Powerpoint tends to produce large files that are hard to deliver to the Organizer. Sometimes these videos do not show correctly (or at all) at the Event. Presenters can now easily add videos to their Presentation, upload them from their hard drive, or link to existing YouTube and Vimeo videos.


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